About Us

Derren Toussaint


A North-Londoner based in Spain, Designer and Illustrator with a love for graphic novels, movies and their posters, who is absolutely influenced by the design and cultural aesthetics of the Neo-, Retro- and Afro- Futurist movement’s.

He's worked with clients of all shapes and sizes, handling projects such as Editorial commissions, Album and Book covers and Game Concept Art, creating artwork on subjects like Sports, Fashion, Food ‘n Drink, Music and Tech, all with a liberal dash of Caribbean colours.

Paul Leõn

Legend says he was left in the wilderness to survive just on his creative skills and a fine liner. An industrial, graphic, digital designer and illustrator, inspired by comics, film, sci fi and the production design drawings of Mead, Cobb and Johnston. He has a personal penchant for neo futurism, cyberpunk and mecha.

A polymath, with a passion for learning, design and illustration, he’s worked as a CD on projects that have included transport, film and toy design to more corporate work all for big brand clients globally.